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Composite Insulator, Lightning Arrester, Fuse Cutout, Disconnecting Switch, Vacuum Load Break Switch and Overhead Line fittings etc.
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Zhejiang yuanneng power technology co., ltd is established in 2007 year, we are a specialist manufacturer specializing in high voltage electrical applications such as Composite Insulator, Surge Arrester, Fuse Cutout, Disconnecting Switch and Vacuum Load Break Switch etc. The company has passed ISO9001 system certification and products have been tested by Xi’an high voltage apparatus research institute co., ltd.

  • Fuse Composition

    The fuse is generally composed of three parts: one is the melt part, which is the core of the fuse. It acts to cut off the current when it is blown.

  • Fuse

    A fuse is also called a current fuse, which is defined by the IEC127 standard as a "fuse-link". It is mainly used for overload protection.

  • Arrester Operation And Maintenance

    In daily operation, the contamination of the surface of the porcelain sleeve of the arrester should be checked

  • Arrester Use

    The metal oxide surge arrester (MOA) is connected in parallel with the distribution transformer during normal operation

  • Arrester Characteristics

    This is mainly reflected in the arrester's ability to absorb various lightning overvoltages, power frequency transient overvoltages

  • Arrester Function

    The role of the arrester is to protect various electrical equipment in the power system from lightning An electrical appliance that is damaged by volt

  • Arrester Classification

    There are many types of arresters, such as metal oxide surge arresters, line metal oxide surge arresters, gapless line metal oxide surge arresters

  • Lightning Arrester Features And Principle

    The AC gapless metal oxide arrester has excellent nonlinear volt-ampere characteristics, good response characteristics, no freewheeling

  • Arrester Application Range

    The AC gapless metal oxide arrester is used to protect the insulation of the AC power transmission and transformation equipment from lightning overvol

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Zhejiang Yuanneng Power Technology Co., Ltd. Factory located in southern Zhejiang coastal area, China Electrical Capital- Liushi Town, Yueqing city, which occupied area more than 5000 square meters.