Composite Pin Insulator

  • Pin Type Insulator

    Pin Type Insulator Description of Pin Type Insulator Pin type insulator has high resistance to bending, impact resistance, shock and explosion-proof performance, reliable internal insulation and light weight. It is an ideal replacement for traditional electric porcelain...
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  • 33kv Pin Insulator

    33kv pin insulator has good characteristics of water repellency, aging resistance, high mechanical strength, small volume, light weight and convenient installation.
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  • Polymer Pin Type Insulators

    Polymer pin type insulators have excellent performance on anti-bending, torsional strength resistance, impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion proof. Reliable internal insulation, light weight and easy installation, it is an ideal replacement for traditional...
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  • Pin Post Insulator

    Pin post insulator have characteristics of light in weight, convenient in construction, greatly speeding up construction process, good performance and strong in puncture resistance.
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  • Polymer Pin Insulator

    Polymer pin insulator performance meet the GB/T20142-2006, IEC 61592, silicone rubber is used as raw material, and it is integrally molded by high temperature molding.
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