Composite Tension Insulator

  • 66 Kv Polymer Insulators

    66 kv Polymer Insulators Description of 66 kv Polymer Insulators Zhejiang Yuanneng is an advantaged manufacturer which produce polymer insulators, rated voltage from 11kv~220kv. 66kv polymer insulators have different structures of end fittings according to their use...
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  • High Voltage Insulator

    High voltage insulator also is one of company main products, especially for 110Kv and 220Kv. With the implementation of China's UHV transmission project, the West-East Power Transmission Project will be further developed, and the demand for high-voltage insulators will...
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  • Power Line Insulators

    Power line insulators are devices that are mounted between conductors of different electric potentials or between conductors and ground electric potential components, it can withstand voltage and mechanical stress. Insulator is a special insulation control that can play an...
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  • Composite Polymer Insulator

    Composite polymer insulator is manufactured conforming to international standards and specifications. It is highly resistant to bending, impact, shock and explosion.
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  • Dead End Insulator

    Dead end insulator is consist of glass fiber epoxy core rod, silicone rubber shed and galvanized metal fittings. is suitable for high voltage line facilities.
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  • Transmission Line Insulators

    Transmission line insulators mainly have disk porcelain insulator, glass insulator and composite insulator, the performance of various insulators in anti-fouling, lightning protection and anti-degradation is affected by material properties and type structure.
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