Fuse Cutout

Fuse cutout is the most common short circuit protection switch for 10kV distribution branch line and distribution transformer.
  • Dropout Fuse Cutout

    Dropout fuse cutout is the most commonly used short-circuit protection switch for 10kV distribution line branch line and distribution transformer. It has characteristics of economy, convenient operation and adopt to outdoor environment.
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  • Expulsion Fuse Cutout

    Expulsion Fuse Cutout provide safe and reliable industrial over-current protection, it have character of good flexibility on application, easy installation, long service lift and long-term trouble-free operation.
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  • Composite Fuse Cutout

    Composite Fuse Cutout Description of Composite Fuse Cutout Composite fuse cutout is different with porcelain type based on different insulator material. It has advantage of good hydrophobicity, excellent UV aging resistance, anti-creation ability. Our company composite fuse...
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  • Fuse Link Type K

    Fuse Link Type K Description of Fuse Link Type K Fuse link type K is suitable for 11kV to 36kV dropout fuse cutout, it is characterized by large breaking capacity, high mechanical strength and reliable arc extinguishing performance. Fuse link type K from zhejiang yuanneng is...
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  • 24 Kv Fuse Cutout

    24kv fuse cutout is produced according to IEC standard, China GB standard, it adopts strong and solid copper casting to ensure the reliability of opening and closing, avoiding the left and right sway of the fuse when closing. Fuse cutout can provide overcurrent and short...
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  • Drop out Fuse

    Dropout Fuse is installed on the branch line of the high-voltage distribution line, which can reduce the power-off range. Because it has an obvious disconnection point, it has the function of the isolating switch, which creates a safe working environment for the maintenance...
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  • High Voltage Fuse Cutout

    High voltage fuse cutout is a protection device used for overload and short-circuit in power system. When current exceeds a given value for certain time, the heat generated by itself will melt the melt and break the switching device of circuit.
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  • Expulsion Drop out Fuse

    Expulsion drop out fuse are simple in structure, cheap price, easy to maintain, and small size, so it is widely used in distribution networks. YN type fuse cutout provide reliable protection to transformers or lines from short circuits, overloads and switching currents.
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  • 11kv Dropout Fuse

    11kv dropout fuse is suitable for AC 50HZ, rated voltage 11KV power system, for overload and short circuit protection of transmission lines, distribution lines and power transformers.
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  • 33kv Drop out Fuse

    33kv drop out fuse are the outdoor high voltage protective device, it is simple structure, small size, compact layout, direct action, no need for relay protection and secondary circuit, as a professional factory manufacture cutout, our company can provide best price for you.
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  • Fused Cutout Switch

    Fused cutout switch is one of YN main products, our company have advanced fuse production line, equip with fuse testing devices including power frequency withstand voltage, lightning impulse, partial discharge and DC resistance etc.
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  • Fuse Cut Out 20 Kv

    Fuse cutout 20kv is suitable for outdoor places where the air is free of conductive dust, no corrosive gas, not flammable, not explosive and the annual temperature difference is within ±40 °C.
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