Polymer Fuse Cutout

  • Expulsion Fuse Cutout

    Expulsion Fuse Cutout provide safe and reliable industrial over-current protection, it have character of good flexibility on application, easy installation, long service lift and long-term trouble-free operation.
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  • Composite Fuse Cutout

    Composite Fuse Cutout Description of Composite Fuse Cutout Composite fuse cutout is different with porcelain type based on different insulator material. It has advantage of good hydrophobicity, excellent UV aging resistance, anti-creation ability. Our company composite fuse...
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  • 24 Kv Fuse Cutout

    24kv fuse cutout is produced according to IEC standard, China GB standard, it adopts strong and solid copper casting to ensure the reliability of opening and closing, avoiding the left and right sway of the fuse when closing. Fuse cutout can provide overcurrent and short...
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  • 100A Cut Out Fuse

    100A cut out fuse means cutout rated current is 100A, our company mainly produce 100A and 200A at present, it is used for protecting power line and transformer against short-circuit, over load and switching current.
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  • Electrical Fuse Cutout

    Electrical fuse cutout is divided into porcelain type and polymer type. It is the most common short-circuit protection switch for distribution line branch lines and distribution transformers.
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