Overhead Line Fittings

Overhead line fittings is used for connecting and combining various devices in the power system.
  • Socket Eyes Link Fitting

    Socket eyes link fitting is made of malleable iron which hot dip galvanized, it used for connection with the steel foot subjected to the bottom of ball & socket-shaped insulator (ball head). According to different usage conditions & structure, socket clevis eyes are composed...
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  • Dead End Strain Clamp

    Dead end strain clamp are suitable for overhead lines of 10kV and below, it fix Aluminum stranded wire, steel core aluminum stranded wire, overhead insulated aluminum wire, overhead insulated steel core aluminum stranded wire on tension rod. If strain clamp used in overhead...
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  • Bimetal Cable Lug

    Bimetal Cable Lug is suitable for the transition and connection of various round, semi-circular fan-shaped aluminum wires, power cables and copper ends of electrical equipment in the power distribution device. The aluminum material is L3 and the copper material is T2.
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  • Parallel Groove Clamp

    Parallel Groove Clamp is applicable to the non-bearing connection and branch of the conductor in the overhead line, and is used together with the insulating cover to provide insulation protection.
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  • Insulation Piercing Connector

    Insulation Piercing Connector is a product specially designed for the connection of low-voltage insulated wires (cables). It connects the main and branch wires by piercing the insulation of the wires (cables).
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