Composite Insulator

Composite insulator play an important role in overhead transmission lines.
  • Polymer Suspension Insulators

    Polymer suspension insulators consist of glass fiber epoxy resin rods, silicone rubber umbrella skirts, and metal fittings, with advantage of high strength, beautiful appearance, small size, light weight, it is now very popular in market.
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  • Long Rod Insulator

    Long rod insulator is composed of an insulating core rod, a silicon rod rubber umbrella sleeve and three connecting pieces at both ends.
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  • Composite Line Post Insulator

    Composite line post insulator is suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile loads, large spans and compact lines. Different types have different functions, and the structure height and creepage distance are also different.
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  • 33kv Post Insulator

    33kV Post Insulator Description of 33kV Post Insulator 33kv post insulator for medium voltage overhead power transmission line application, it has at least two parts, namely the Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) and hot dip galvanized cast steel metal...
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  • Pin Type Insulator

    Pin Type Insulator Description of Pin Type Insulator Pin type insulator has high resistance to bending, impact resistance, shock and explosion-proof performance, reliable internal insulation and light weight. It is an ideal replacement for traditional electric porcelain...
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  • 66 Kv Polymer Insulators

    66 kv Polymer Insulators Description of 66 kv Polymer Insulators Zhejiang Yuanneng is an advantaged manufacturer which produce polymer insulators, rated voltage from 11kv~220kv. 66kv polymer insulators have different structures of end fittings according to their use...
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  • Composite Insulator 110 Kv

    Composite Insulator 110kV is more and more popular in order to meet the needs of world economic construction. In the actual operation, some faults will be encountered, and it is very important to accurately grasp the causes of the composite insulator application failure and...
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  • High Voltage Polymer Insulators

    High voltage polymer insulators can be operated frequently or open short-circuit currents within the operating current range. Mechanical life can be up to 30,000 times, full capacity short circuit current breaking times can reach 50 times.
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  • Overhead Line Insulators

    Overhead line insulators are generally classified into porcelain suspension insulators, tempered glass suspension insulators, and synthetic silicone rubber insulators. Our company mainly produce silicone rubber insulators. According to the voltage, the overhead transmission...
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  • Composite Long Rod Insulator

    Composite long rod insulator is especially suitable for use in high polluted areas and power line which of high mechanical tensile loads, large spans and compact type. Its advantage is light weight, small size, not easy to break and bending, high torsional strength, strong...
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  • Composite Silicone Insulators

    Composite silicone insulators is an updated product for power lines, its mechanical and electrical properties are superior to porcelain insulators, and it has high operational safety.
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  • Dead End Suspension Insulators

    Dead End suspension insulators play two fundamental roles in overhead transmission lines. One is supporting wires, and the other one is preventing current from returning to the ground. These two roles must be guaranteed.
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