Composite Post Insulator

  • Composite Line Post Insulator

    Composite line post insulator is suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile loads, large spans and compact lines. Different types have different functions, and the structure height and creepage distance are also different.
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  • 33kv Post Insulator

    33kV Post Insulator Description of 33kV Post Insulator 33kv post insulator for medium voltage overhead power transmission line application, it has at least two parts, namely the Glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod (ECR type) and hot dip galvanized cast steel metal...
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  • Polymer Post Insulator

    Polymer post insulator is suitable for technical transformation of city power grid, which ca
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  • Polymer Line Post Insulator

    Polymer line post insulator is used in high voltage power line service. Its performance meet GB/T20142-2006, IEC61952. Rated mechanical bending load can reach 4-10KN.
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  • Polymer Station Post Insulators

    Polymer station post insulators is consist of silicone rubber sheds, glass-fiber reinforced epoxy resin rod, hot dip galvanized cast steel metal fitting, our company produce polymer insulator according to IEC / ANSI / GB standard.
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  • Horizontal Line Post Insulator

    Horizontal line post insulator are divided into horizontal and vertical, the top fitting is made by aluminum alloy and is used in conductor from 10mm-36mm diameter size. When we choose composite horizontal post insulators model, we must confirm the the characteristics of the...
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